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Mother Cabrini’s Formation community

Identifying the need: Woman’s choices are few , especially in the predominantly rural environment of Ethiopia. 90% of all Ethiopian girls, usually as children, are subjected to circumcision, female genital mutilation. This has a deep cultural impact of abasing the female gender and rendering grater difficulties in child bearing, increasing first child Mother’s mortality rate. Education, accompaniment and pychological support are the tools and instruments of bringing about necessary social change of mentality and tribal customs. With a process of education, accompanying and supporting ( psychologically and financially) young Ethiopian women, they can gradually became agents of change within their own society.


Educational support: Help To Be Foundation and Missionary Sisters give a chance to deserving young Ethiopian woman to be educated and prepared in the health care: as doctor, nurses, lab technicians, in educational and promotional fields: as teacher, social workers, professional tailors and secretaries. At present the project supports 16 students studying in Addis Ababa and in Dubbo , where de Mission is, there are 18 young women in varying stages of preparation, learning English, doing two years university preparation course, helping in the mission. Some are already teachers, teaching in 3 Montessori school at present in various areas nearby, within 15 kilometers of the Mission. Many young women would like to study to reach their dream and a one financial donation to To Be Foundation will change their feature .


Adequate vehicle: The need is on the side of the infra-structure that lacks an adequate veichle for transportation for education’s sake , mission transportation and supplies from the capital to the interior of the country, where the Mission is( 300km from Addis Ababa).

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