Geographical Location: Urban periphery of Nuevo Chimbote (Ancash) Peru. (for details, follow the link)

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Chimbote Project
Handmade paper in the Andes, Onlus
Como (Italia).
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Tyre fitters workshop

Most young (twenty-year-old) people want to study and obtain a degree.
They have a pressing need to find a job to help them earn a living, and bear the costs of studying and supporting a family.
Regular employment as a dependent is a dream for them; and they have no capital to invest in starting up an activity of their own. Eager and ready to cooperate, the youth of the area work evenings and at weekends, to improve the living standards of their younger siblings and of the many indigent members in the community.
Teaming up with the initiator, Onlus Italiana, the Mission has set up the paper manufacturing workshop, which employs about twenty of them. Others are employed as nursery teachers, others work in maintenance.
The number of jobs, however, falls short of the number of jobseekers.


Methods of intervention: Setting up an artisanal activity for the young jobless in the area requires only a relatively modest investment.
A tyre fitting workshop can be one of the first to be set up. The CEMB firm of Mandello del Lario (LC) has donated two essential pieces of machinery for this purpose, the tyre-dismounting machine and the wheel balancer.
The humanitarian Mission has at its disposal a piece of land by the side of a fairly busy road, and that is where the workshop could be located.
The local Nissan dealer has made available his warehouse, thereby saving the two young men the major costs of renting the space.
What is still missing before the activity can be under way is: the supply of the necessary tools, a vehicle lift (guaranteeing safe working conditions), the first supply of consumables and the construction of a hangar to be fitted out as a workshop.
The necessary assets and installations will continue to be the property of Onlus, which will supply them, through the Mission, on interest-free loan to the young people starting up the business.

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