Geographical Location: Urban periphery of Nuevo Chimbote (Ancash) Peru. (for details, follow the link)

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Chimbote Project
Handmade paper in the Andes, Onlus
Como (Italia).
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Identifying the need: Ever since it was founded ten years ago, the Chimbote mission has always supervised the management of free childcare centres. Kindergartens are essential for families where the mother has to spend time away from home to eke out an existence; and to do so, inevitably, she is forced to leave behind her small children on their own. In most cases, the small pittance earned by the mother is the sole income for the household, hardly enough to afford a fee-paying kindergarten.
Currently, the existing nursery schools have an intake of 65 children, but this number is hardly sufficient to cover the demands of all children in need. At the beginning of 2015, on land provided by the town council, some 200 volunteers will be working to build the facilities for six kindergartens, all of them located in the slums, using materials supplied by OMG and donors. The objective is to have enough space for 500 children aged between three and five, and to make sure they receive an education.


Midday meals: At kindergarten, every child is entitled to a midday meal for free. One reason is that most parents have no job security, their work is uncertain; so there are times when, in the evening, the only thing they manage to put on the table is some hot tea. At kindergarten, children are at least guaranteed lunch. All non-perishable food items (pasta, oil, etc.) come from food collections organised in Italy; but of course fresh food, such as vegetables, and sometimes fish or meat, have to be bought locally. So far, the Mission has struggled but has managed to shoulder the costs of buying food for 65 children.


Method of intervention 2 – Three-wheel van for delivering meals: To save on costs, the meals will be cooked in a central kitchen, a project developed by a donor, with the necessary equipment and kitchenware for cooking. The small nursery schools are scattered around the city districts a fair distance from each other and from the kitchen, which calls for a good transport system. It would seem a good idea to purchase a delivery van for the purpose. To ensure that the meals are distributed in good time and kept suitably warm, it would make sense to buy special food containers, as well as some more kitchenware and pots and pans.

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