Geographic location: Herbertpur is a town in the northern Indian State of Uttarakhand, approximately 260 km north of Delhi and 40 km from Dehradun, the capital. Herbertpur lies in the wide Doon valley between the Shivaliks and the Himalayan foothills.

Anugrah hospital for disabled persons

The vision informing the Anugrah project and the desire to implement it grew out of the sad personal predicament of the Kumar family. Robert Kumar (RK), who manages the project for the development of the community of the Christian Hospital, Herbertpur, became a father in 1999. His baby son was diagnosed with brain defects, as a result of which he became paraplegic. The Kumar family were shocked to learn that there was no help to be received, in Herbertpur or its surroundings, for the provision of specialist care to disabled children.

There are 300 villages within a 15km radius of Herbertpur’s Hospital. In these villages, Robert Kumar came across more and more similar cases of child disability; at a first count, 40 children were found to be suffering from a variety of disabilities, more commonly associated with cerebral palsy, and many with a physical and/or mental disability (Down syndrome and deafness being two examples).

Robert Kumar wanted to help all families affected. It took him months of preparation, training, trust and encouragement to invite the families concerned to an initial meeting at the hospital. If nothing else, here the parents were able to find some much needed practical and psychological support; and they were no longer alone, or left to themselves to confront their fears and distress. Each child was examined by a paediatrician, and had a chance to have a first session with a physiotherapist. The experience turned out to be so encouraging that some months later further meetings were scheduled.

Thus, a special programme was gradually set up, dedicated to the needs of disabled children and their parents. It was named “Anugrah Intervention Center”. Anugrah means “grace”. Subsequently, the hospital made available an entire ward, providing a number of rooms on a temporary basis. Thanks to the organisation and the proceeds raised, with the total income work began, in 2006, to build the Childcare Centre.

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